Alpha Olphion: The Geeky Manchild in Social Peril! ……Nice to Meet You.

If there’s one thing in the twenty-one years of my life…… it’s that life’s a dick! Just gotta kick it in the nuts and show it who’s boss!” – Alpha Olphion

Hello peasants! This is Alpha here, the biggest nerd you can possibly know. And I mean a REAL nerd, not the geeky stereotype portrayed by society over the last few generations. It’s a pleasure to grace with you with my presence……. But seriously, let’s get down to business.

If you couldn’t tell, this blog is about my life as a junior communications major in college, something that’s NOT as easy as everyone makes it out to be. There’s a lot of strife in my life now, most of which is because of the choices I’ve made to further my education rather than developing a social life like other normal sapients. Yeah, I can be THAT guy, if you get my drift. BUT, but, that privilege is saved for people who are truly rude to me and shit, so don’t get on my bad side.

Anyways, this blog is about me, me, me! Yeah, that’s how self-centered this blog and can be. Still, this is something I’m doing for fun, interest, and all that jizz! So yeah….. aside from all that private shit I gave you in my contacts and homepage, be ready to see future blog posts.

P.S.: I’m a Yaoi fan and into BL. I can also do Yuri, if tempted! Just…… Saiyan! WAKA WAKA!

*Cue audience laughter*


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