Adobe Spark Experience

Today was a productive day in my IT class. It was really fun to play around with our Adobe spark program. Personally, I found it very interesting because it was really easy to understand and it was rather simple to perform, no additional training required. It’s not like the other adobe programs and image editing programs I’ve learned about earlier in the year.

One of the most interesting things about Adobe Spark is the voice recording feature. Personally, I like to write things out because speaking makes things much more awkward, especially with the voice pitch. It may be a fine for some, but it can be a problem for others for multiple reasons. Anyways, I really had fun regardless.

The topic that I chose was about cheesecake. It was really easy to do because cheesecake images were simple and i love cheesecake more than any other thing in the world (well, in terms of desserts anyways). The fact that cheesecake comes in many varieties was rather exciting and thrilling for me. It just means more flavors for me to try out and more favorites I have for myself. Since I’m a big foodie, simply making a video about cheesecake is religious for me.

Personally, I found that this project was a fun experience for me. It allowed me to make a whimsical and fun slideshow while showcasing my love for my favorite dessert. Is there anything more joyful than doing something that I love? Honestly, is there such a thing?



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