“The Little Match Girl” Adobe Project

One of the most enriching experiences with using Adobe Spark is doing this small collage project on one of the saddest fairy tales created by Hans Christian Andersen – The Little Match Girl. I don’t know why I chose this particular fairy tale, but it had to do with the plight of a starving child trying so hard to survive and the fact that the story’s setting matches the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Story aside, I found that the project wasn’t that hard to begin with; personally, I find that making collages is one of the easiest things that a person can do when they have a firm grasp on basic computer skills. Using what I’ve learned over the past couple of classes, I created a nice little sequence of edited images that tells the story through illustration, no words necessary. I used at least three different programs for this project: sumopaint and pixlar for the title cover, and picmonkey to even out some of the oversized images to perfectly fit the canvas. This worked well with Adobe Spark Page because it helped me figure out the proper order in which the images can be fitted to properly tell the story.

I’m not sure if I see myself using Adobe Spark Page in the future, nor do I have any particular questions about it, but what I do know that it was rather fun to work with, even if it’s a one-time thing.


Adobe Spark Experience


Today was a productive day in my IT class. It was really fun to play around with our Adobe spark program. Personally, I found it very interesting because it was really easy to understand and it was rather simple to perform, no additional training required. It’s not like the other adobe programs and image editing programs I’ve learned about earlier in the year.

One of the most interesting things about Adobe Spark is the voice recording feature. Personally, I like to write things out because speaking makes things much more awkward, especially with the voice pitch. It may be a fine for some, but it can be a problem for others for multiple reasons. Anyways, I really had fun regardless.

The topic that I chose was about cheesecake. It was really easy to do because cheesecake images were simple and i love cheesecake more than any other thing in the world (well, in terms of desserts anyways). The fact that cheesecake comes in many varieties was rather exciting and thrilling for me. It just means more flavors for me to try out and more favorites I have for myself. Since I’m a big foodie, simply making a video about cheesecake is religious for me.

Personally, I found that this project was a fun experience for me. It allowed me to make a whimsical and fun slideshow while showcasing my love for my favorite dessert. Is there anything more joyful than doing something that I love? Honestly, is there such a thing?


A little story about a nerd named Alpha :P

“They said I could become anything and anyone…… So, I said I would become myself! What’s the point of mimicking another person when you’re just going to lose yourself in the process? That’s no way of living and I’ll be damned if I’m forced to do such a thing to get what I want in life. I live for no one but myself and I’m in charge of everything I do. That’s the way it’s been, now and forever!” – Alpha Olphion


Yeah, this is me when I’m not in the mood….. which is very often.

Hello there, fellow viewers. Now, some of you may be wondering what’s the point behind this specific blog posts. Others might not care, and that’s okay. I’m writing this little bit so that you may get to know me better as a person when I’m O.O.C (Out of Character). Yes, that does mean I’m a roleplayer and I can take on different personas when needed, something you’ll be seeing throughout the time I’m posting. Yes….. that also means I write fan-fiction for my free time, thus limiting my social life. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Anyways, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

Anyways, name’s Alpha Olphion; nice to meet you! My real name is Marcus Okebiyi, but I prefer you call me Alpha since this is more like social media. Anyways, being a mix between Trini and Nigerian, I’m a third-year Communications Major at St. Francis College and my dream is to become a journalist. Why? Mainly because journalist have this thing where they get to travel all around the area and beyond, reporting things that people wouldn’t dare to engross their time in for one reason or another. This includes political issues, scandals, murder cases, and the like. However, being a journalist isn’t as gruesome and tiresome as everyone makes of it; there are moments where it becomes fun. Stories dealing with the local community or certain festivities tend to be riveting to interview, mainly because the journalist becomes a part of it. So yeah, it has its moments.


Moving on, aside from my biological information (which I rather keep private for a multitude of reasons), I’m pretty much a nice guy overall, if you ever had the chance to become friends with me.

To be honest, I’m a funny guy. I really am. Just going to put that out there. I know some of my joke are a bit risque at times, especially in the society we currently live in, but hey jokes are jokes. If people laugh or feel offended, that’s on them. Not trying to compromise for anybody because it just gets tiresome in the end. I tend NOT to be offended by every little comment made, but only if I feel that it’s directed towards me. This leads to another trait about myself.



I’m a blunt person. I mean VERY blunt. I don’t sugarcoat things and try to be as delicate about anything. I’ve learned many times that being blunt in most cases is what what’s best for a person, as it helps them face up to their problems and get over it, even if it takes time. I love people, honestly I do, but at the same time, I hate them at times because of their sheer stupidity. It hurts me whenever I see someone say or do something incredibly stupid, especially in public. It tells me they have no common sense whatsoever. So, whenever I call you out on something, it doesn’t mean I necessarily hate you, but what you’re saying or doing is rather inappropriate. You can be honest about me and do the same things, I don’t mind. I can be incredibly stupid as well, as I’m human in the end. So remember this comical note for future so you don’t think I’m being biased:


                   “Call it a love-hate relationship. Makes things easier on all of us.


No, but seriously, on this blog everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Just be ready for the consequences that follow. Important part of life.

As aforementioned in one of my previous memes, I’m a fatty and for (partially) good reasons too. I’m like everyone else: I LOVE food. I mean I’m obsessed with it. I like to try new things and learn about different ways of how to make certain dishes. It’s not only a learning experience for me, but it’s something that I consider to be a personal solace. But somehow…… I tend to go overboard, which leads to my current stature. Doesn’t help I do little exercise before the release of Pokemon Go (Go Team Instinct!)


                                           *My reaction every time I see food*

Aside from sweets, I like a lot of dishes involving meat and fish. I’m very touchy-feely when I share fried chicken and sushi with anybody (probably because I’m black, but hey!) and I need vegetables in my life. Basically, don’t expect me to share food with you unless you’re really close to me or you brought food for me with your own money. Then anything’s game. If it so happens you buy me food, we’re automatic friends.

I’m not going to get into the personal details of my life, but I think you should all know that I was home-schooled for a brief time. I did the Christian Liberty program and was tutored by someone from my childhood, her name left anonymous for personal reasons. Anyways, because of my sudden boost in my education, I had enough potential to enter any college I wanted.

“But Marcus, why enter St. Francis when you claim to have the potential to enter any school of your choice?” – That one question that’s probably on all of your minds

That’s an easy one. It’s because it has all the necessary tools needed to help achieve my dream. Good scholarships, dependable staff, flexible school schedule, high standards, and everything else in-between. Well….. minus the high tuition rates (typical of American education institutions), it’s pretty alright. That, and I choose it because it was easy to get to (I literally live four train stations away), the school’s small in size, I have connections to some of the staff, and people there are very friendly……. most of the time.

In terms to the content of this blog, I will display all knowledge relating to the subject of media and entertainment; this includes latest programs, trends, and the like. I know some people out there are anime/manga fans, so I will occasionally post content about certain recommendations on anime and manga that’s currently popular right now.

Since this is an introductory post about myself, I’m just going to leave this brief and end it here. Too lengthy tends to detract reader’s attention. Here, have a funny picture for laughs and it’s great to be working with all of you.




Alpha Olphion: The Geeky Manchild in Social Peril! ……Nice to Meet You.

If there’s one thing in the twenty-one years of my life…… it’s that life’s a dick! Just gotta kick it in the nuts and show it who’s boss!” – Alpha Olphion

Hello peasants! This is Alpha here, the biggest nerd you can possibly know. And I mean a REAL nerd, not the geeky stereotype portrayed by society over the last few generations. It’s a pleasure to grace with you with my presence……. But seriously, let’s get down to business.

If you couldn’t tell, this blog is about my life as a junior communications major in college, something that’s NOT as easy as everyone makes it out to be. There’s a lot of strife in my life now, most of which is because of the choices I’ve made to further my education rather than developing a social life like other normal sapients. Yeah, I can be THAT guy, if you get my drift. BUT, but, that privilege is saved for people who are truly rude to me and shit, so don’t get on my bad side.

Anyways, this blog is about me, me, me! Yeah, that’s how self-centered this blog and can be. Still, this is something I’m doing for fun, interest, and all that jizz! So yeah….. aside from all that private shit I gave you in my contacts and homepage, be ready to see future blog posts.

P.S.: I’m a Yaoi fan and into BL. I can also do Yuri, if tempted! Just…… Saiyan! WAKA WAKA!

*Cue audience laughter*